Beats By Dre Solo Selfie

In order to promote an upgraded version of the Solo headphones, we took an existing millennial favorite, the Selfie, and introduced the Solo Selfie. Playing off of the slow motion feature in the new iPhone, we created an easily executable new video selfie. Within a matter of weeks there were nearly two hundred million views and over seven hundred and ninety million impressions. We didn’t just borrow from pop culture, we created it.



We wanted people to know how it's done, so we asked our celebrities to show the ropes.

As the campaign grew we've created special edits for AIDS day, a music video launch for Nicki Minaj, a girl power and numerous other iterations for different markets. We did a couple for The Voice too.


And some of the user generated best of videos were pushed out on social media channels.

Los Angeles, Calif., 2018